When Should I Consult Debt Consolidation Services Non Profit Companies?

There are certain things that we need in our lives. I am not talking about the things we want, but the things we need. We need a home, enough food to feed ourselves and our families. Heat in the winter and electricity so we may run our furnaces or see what we are doing at night. A vehicle so we may get to and from work to pay for our necessities. Everyone’s list is different, but I’m sure we all agree on one thing, we all have basic needs that we cannot live without.

In this age of free credit for all, it is easy to get in over your head and a financial setback like an illness or loss of a job can really get you in deep financial trouble. Finances can get so bad that you can’t afford to pay mortgage payments and get behind. Credit cards are easy to over extend our finances on. They are so convenient we often forget about the high interest rates that come along with our credit card payments.

If you find yourself in a debtors prison you should really look into a debt consolidation services non profit company. Here are some reasons for you to look into a debt consolidation program.

1. Certified Credit Counselors will ask you a few questions about your delinquent credit accounts and how much you make a month.

2. The credit counselor will help you to design a payment plan tailored for your situation.
3. Credit counselors will work with your creditors to waive or reduce fees, interest rates and in some cases they will be able to reduce your debt by 50 to 80%.

4. You will pay one payment each month to the debt consolidation services non profit company and they will disburse payments to your creditors.

5. You may need to pay a fee for this service. This is something you will need to get straight before you begin payments.

6. You will breathe easier knowing your bills are being paid and you will soon be out of debt.

It is important to remember that you will usually need to pay a fee for these services. For this fee the debt consolidation services non profit company will see that your bills are paid on time. You will need to do nothing more than send them one payment. You will still receive monthly statements from your creditors and a monthly statement from the debt consolidation company showing when your payments were made and how much was paid.

Make sure you do your homework before you hand your money over to any debt consolidation company. You should be on the same page when it comes to how much the fee will be for them to perform this service. You also need to make sure they will have the payments to your creditors on time. You want to repair your credit, not ruin it.

Most of the debt consolidation service companies offer educational programs to teach consumers how to stay out of debt and still live a good life. They also offer information on the way credit works and how to make it work for you.