The Benefits Of Reading Bail Bond Reviews

When reading through bail bond reviews, you familiarize yourself not only with companies that provide these services, but also the process involved. After you are arrested, you are required to appear in court for an arraignment before you can post bail. In some cases, this could equate to a few days following your arrest. To arrange bail, you or a family member may contact a bail bondsman. However, if the case is high-caliber and requires immediate legal counsel, your attorney can discuss these options with the bondsman directly.

How is Bail Posted

During your initial contact with a bail bondsman, you must produce the necessary down payment or bond amount in order to ensure release from jail. The overall bail amount is set by the judge during your arraignment. However, a bail bondsman typically requires a percentage of this amount. If the bail value is extremely high, a bail bondsman will accept property as collateral to secure the bail. However, there are strict stipulations for anyone who is released on bail. The judge provides these individuals with a scheduled court date for which they will appear regarding their charges. Failure to appear at on this court date will result in a revocation of bail.

Revocation of Bail

Any time a defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court date, their bail is revoked. If you fail to appear for your scheduled court date, the consequences include the judge signing a bench warrant for your arrest. This implies all law enforcement officers have the authority to arrest you on site without probable cause. Any property used to secure the bail will be seized. Once you are arrested after a revocation of bail, it is not likely that the judge will allow you to post bail a second time.

In the selection process, it is paramount for you to review client postings about each available company. This allows you to learn more about their experiences with a specific bonding agent. It also helps you to avoid those who may utilize unethical business practices. Overall, the reviews assist you in determining which bond agent is right for you.