New Products From Hampton Creek Foods

According to the latest Hampton Creek info, the company is selling three new products in Walmart and Target. Walmart is going to carry two more salad dressings, Just Ranch and Just Italian, in addition to Hampton Creek’s original Just Mayo. Target will be adding a peanut butter Just Cookie Dough to the chocolate chip variety it currently carries. These three are the first of 43 new products Hampton Creek will soon be introducing. Other new products will include pancakes, brownies, desert mixes, and other salad dressings.

All of Hampton Creek’s current products have in common the fact that they are made without eggs or other animal products. The Just Mayo dressing, along with its sriracha, garlic, and chipotle flavors, uses an egg-substitute based on the Canadian yellow pea. The cookie doughs use sorghum as both a binding agent and a sweetener. The company developed these products through an intensive process of scientific research, data analysis, and testing.

Hampton Creek food scientists have collected data on the individual proteins of thousands of species of plants. Scientists analyze the proteins and attempt to predict which ones will mimic the properties of egg (or other ingredient) in a recipe. Once the protein is isolated for testing, the company’s chef cooks it in a recipe which is then evaluated for taste and quality.

The ultimate mission of Hampton Creek is to replace unhealthy, costly, and unsustainably farmed products like eggs with cheap, healthy foods made from plants whose cultivation has a minimal impact on the environment. When the founders, who were childhood friends, first got together to start the company, they wanted to solve the problem of eggs. To produce eggs, farmers have to grow corn to feed the chickens, and they use land and water to grow the crops. The cost of those resources goes into the cost of the eggs, and the environment suffers from air and water pollution from the chickens’ waste. Compared to Hampton Creek’s egg-free cookies, conventional cookies require 2,000 more gallons of water and 7 more square meters of land.

Hampton Creek has 500 more plant-based products ready to be developed, including breads, pastas, and meat alternatives. They also plan to add e-commerce to their website so that customers can order their products online.