A Quick History of Trucks

5 Key Considerations for Buying a Truck

If you’re looking to buy a truck, you will be happy to know that there so many options out there. Some are small, others are big. Some are barebones and others are complete luxury. Whether you intend to use the truck daily or occasionally, there are a few important issues to consider to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle.

Passenger Seats

There are so many trucks with only two seats – one for the driver and one for a passenger. Trucks that have two seats are usually cheaper than those that have bigger cabs and longer beds. If you don’t intend to carry several passengers or a lot of cargo, then the typical cab configuration may give you the best value. If you do need more space for friends and family or cargo, then go for a bigger cab.

Power and Size of Engine

Engine size is another important factor you must consider, and larger is not automatically better. If you’re buying a truck for day-to-day commuting and don’t intend to transport huge items, go for a 4-cylinder engine, which can save you cash on gas. If you plan to tow a boat or bigger trailer, then a V6 or V8 engine will be the better choice. While these trucks are much bigger, pricier and less fuel efficient, they are also know for power and versatility. To ensure you’re getting a truck with enough power for your purpose, research payload and towing capacities.

Two-Wheel Drive versus 4×4

Weather and your own driving habits are the two main issues that affect whether or not a 4×4 truck will be worth the extra money. For example, if you live in a place where there’s not a lot of rain, or if you plan to use the truck for commuting, then you don’t need a 4×4, which can significantly drive down your gas mileage.If you live in a polar vortex state, or you intend to drive off-road, then a 4×4’s improved traction will keep you from getting stranded in the snow or wet dirt.

Manual against Automatic

If you think you will be dealing with a lot of traffic, an automatic transmission will save you a lot of unnecessary shifting. If traffic is not a problem, then a manual transmission will give you more engine control without the stress of too much shifting. Nowadays, manual transmissions are rather rare in trucks or any other vehicle type, although they are available on a few models’ base trim levels. They can be more enjoyable to drive, but not as effective for towing or sitting in traffic.

Camper Shell

If you intend to use the truck to transport big items in the bed (for example, if you’re moving to a new home), a camper shell can protect your things against theft and the elements. The cost of camper shells can vary significantly, but a good one will probably set you back around $1000.