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Teenagers in Alcohol Rehab

Many teenagers consider drinking alcohol to be a social engagement, however, it is illegal for those under 21 to drink alcohol in the United States, and underage drinking can lead to severe consequences. More teenagers have admitted to abusing alcohol and substance abuse in recent years, and more are getting help from rehabilitation facilities. Jenelle Evans, of Teen Mom 2 fame, even went to rehab for addiction. Admitting to addiction can be a difficult but worthwhile experience that may allow patients to build coping and life skills to last a lifetime.

Alcohol is a common drug used by American teenagers, and even binge drinking is not uncommon among young drinkers. There are dangerous side effects to drinking alcohol irresponsibly, which is why alcoholism may require rehab to treat. Alcohol abuse may lead to the inability to concentrate or remember information. On the more severe side of the spectrum, teens who drink alcohol may die in drunk driving accidents or of alcohol poisoning. Teenagers with strong adult support, many activities to do and know how to handle stressful situations are less likely to abuse alcohol.

Teenagers who abuse alcohol and may require treatment are likely to smell of alcoholic drinks, have red eyes, experience changes in behavior that seems to clash with their personalities and display a noticeable change in appearance. It is also not uncommon for teenagers to have withdrawals to alcohol which may include headaches and irritability.

Rehab has proven to be beneficial for teens addicted to substances, including alcohol. Teenagers can go to rehab to learn healthy ways of coping with daily stress and major life problems that might otherwise encourage them to turn to alcohol. Rehab will also help teenagers avoid relapsing and turning back to bad coping mechanisms that may include drinking alcohol. Rehab allows teenagers to recognize the factors that lead to problems.

Many therapy techniques used on teenagers in rehab ask them to recognize the different thought patterns and environmental influences that lead to partaking in alcohol. Rehabilitation facilities may include the use of 12 step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Some facilities regularly use drug tests and monitor the blood alcohol content of each patient. Rehab will also teach teenagers to control their urges and to exert control over their own behaviors. Some of the techniques used in rehab will incorporate friends and family members to help build a better support group for the teens.

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Local Team Introduces Ancient Art of Reflexology to Athens Area Residents


(Athens, Georgia)– Reports from the American Medical Association point to stress as a primary contributing factor in 85 percent of illnesses. As health care costs soar and society’s trust in pharmaceuticals wanes, many are turning to alternative medicine for relief. Over the last decade, reflexology has emerged as a front runner in this field; in fact, studies recently conducted by a Chinese research team indicated 90 percent of participants receiving this treatment felt some level of remission with 40 percent experiencing complete healing. Aside from the proven physical and emotional benefits, people are increasingly drawn to the relaxing effects of modern combinations of reflexology with traditional spa treatments.

This comes as no surprise to Foot Palace managing partner and spokesperson Jinx Ditthavong who introduced this ancient technique to residents of the Athens area in November of last year. Located in the Kroger Shopping Center off Epps Bridge Parkway, the newly opened reflexology day spa was strategically placed for locals’ convenience and offers ready access from highway 316 for those passing through the area. Specializing in foot reflexology, the company additionally provides reflexology massage services for the head, face, neck, arms and hands as well as a variety of spa service upgrade treatments, all of which can be scheduled at

“Our signature reflexology service is a one hour session for $35, and this is not an introductory rate; it’s our permanent price as a courtesy to our customers,” Ditthavong expounded, “We also extend a number of other offers, including our weekly Industry Monday promotion in which anyone whose profession requires them to be on their feet all day will receive our signature service at a discounted price. We’re committed to using only certified organic plant-based products containing no parabens, petroleum, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances and not tested on animals.”

Among the issues stemming from stress are irritability, depression, varying levels of aches and pains, sleeping and eating disorders as well as lack of concentration. Reflexology is designed to target pressure points on the body, thereby relieving emotional stress as well as those ailments. The techniques involved likewise bring about a sense of overall relaxation, which the team at Foot Palace strives to enhance. Services meant to increase this effect include soothing mineral foot soaks, hot stone treatments and aromatherapy to name a few.

Carrying the slogan “Let us soothe your soles”, Foot Palace is an independent establishment locally owned and operated by a team of three partners: Athens native Park Harris who is a master electrician and avid dog lover as well as sibling duo Von and Jinx Ditthavong, both residents of Oconee County for 25 years. Von is the mother of an up-and-coming North Oconee High School freshman and an active member of the community, currently volunteering as a mentor to middle and high school girls. Jinx is the face of the company and acquired his reflexology certification from the Academy of Radiant Health in Atlanta.

Ditthavong concluded, “We’re proud to bring this affordable alternative form of health care to the Athens area, and we network with local businesses and doctors to provide the highest level of treatment to our clients. We offer services for men and women alike as well as group events and couples. Everyone can reap the stress-relieving and healing benefits of our treatments, and we encourage anyone interested to read our blog for more information and schedule an appointment to let us re-balance their bodies from the inside out.”

About Foot Palace:

The Foot Palace team provides tried and true ancient healing techniques in a professional and relaxing atmosphere.

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3 Options Tips from Someone With Experience

Tips on How to Stop Drinking

There are many different reasons for people to wish to end alcohol consumption. Here are some ways to stop drinking.

It can be difficult to try to stop your drinking, but if you constantly remind yourself why you are quitting and what good thing will come out of it, then you will really be inspired to go all the way.

Here are 7 key tips to help you out when trying to stop drinking

A good way to start is to avoid filling your fridge up with alcoholic beverages so that when you want a drink you will have to go out and buy and that will give you time to consider your commitment in stopping alcohol consumption.

If you do drink, make sure it is only in sips rather than gulps and that you place some time in between drinks. Substituting alcoholic beverages with water, juices, or even soda can help you out a lot.

Have a day or 2 in the week were you do not drink any alcoholic beverages, and then the next week add another day, and then another for the next week , until you can go through 7 days without drinking.

Learning to say NO to people who give you alcoholic beverages will help you a lot, and if it is too difficult to say no then you can just get away from there.

Get yourself interested in other hobbies, like maybe learning something new or strengthening your relationship with friends and loved ones so that you won’t keep thinking about how depressed you are because you can’t drink anymore.

If you feel like you just can’t do it anymore, it is too difficult for you, this is the best time when you should talk about it to someone you trust.

There are going to be certain days or hours where you are just tempted to drink. Make a plan on how you can throw the temptation away on this days or hours and make sure you execute those plans.

The thing you have to remember is that if you really want to stop drinking then never quit trying. Also remember that learning to stop drinking won’t happen instantly and will take time, but you can do it! If you like, you can keep a diary on how you’re progressing and read it regularly to encourage yourself.

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If You Read One Article About Cars, Read This One

Car Tuning: A List of Benefits

You recently bought your brand new car from the store. You are excited about this. Early in the morning, you see the brand new car as you ran into the garage. There might be friends coming over your house just so they can see the car. This usually gives the feeling of being on top of the world. You are ever so excited to drive the car from the office back you, and give your co-workers a ride.

The brand new car occupies the dream of every person. Experts are saying the being vulnerable to wear and tear will destroy your dreams of having your car at its best. What should you do if this happens? Some people tend to sell the brand new car in exchange for a new one if you are unaware of what to do. This puts your hard earned money to waste. It is unreasonable to do this, especially if the new car has only been in your garage for a few weeks. What will you do if your brand new car fails to perform at its best? Never worry. It is for sure that there is a way out of this problem. You can avail of car tuning services so you can enjoy the pleasures of riding a brand new car. With car tuning, the money that you pulled out as you bought the new car can be saved from wasting. Isn’t this a good idea?

Car tuning has also become a pastime for many car owners. People prefer altering their cars according to their wishes. Car tuning offers benefits and advantages such as further optimizing the performance of your cars. There are some techniques involved along the way that increases its ability to perform. This also helps you personalizing your car. You can add personal touches to your cars. Today, many prefer car tuning to maximize the purposes of their cars.

One of the benefits of car tuning is allowing the car owner to adjust settings according to his driving skills. Car tuning usually steps the car up in ways that you cannot even think about. If you wish to up your cars for investment, car tuning also helps increase the vehicle’s value. Expect your cars to look classy and attractive when you do this.

There are manufactures that produce cars in massive volumes. With this, the cars are in uniform style and shape. Your car may look classy but with a low quality performance. Car tuning alters some car parts according to your wants. Car tuning allows for adjusting according to your driving skills.

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Understanding Manuals

What Is A Repair Service Manual?

Are you currently looking for an auto repair service manual or do you want to find a mean of doing your own repairs on the car and some parts of the car. It is feasible to get a free auto repair manual over the internet that will be used for whatever kind of car repair that you need whether you believe it or not. So long as you have an internet access and computer, you can probably do this in a short period of time.

What you need to do is to look online for auto service manual that’ll help you with your needs. For sure, you can find free online sources, which can be very helpful with your car. The first step is knowing what kind of repair manual you’re looking for. Basically, there are various types of service manuals that you can find and some examples of it are repair manuals, general manuals, diagnosis descriptions as well as maintenance manuals.

Knowing which type of manual you are looking for when searching for such online is important. Being able to know it can help in narrowing your search which is vital to make the process easier and quicker. Later down the road, you know how to find such manual almost immediately. To give you an example, you could search according to the model and make along with the year of the vehicle that you like to make repairs to.

The repair service manuals go to the most detail of how to carry out repairs on specific parts of the car. With this, it helps you in doing body repair, interior repair, engine repair, exhaust repair and many more. General manuals on the other hand is much like the repair manuals but, they’re typically not related to the make of the car and only discussing repairs in general which you can apply to majority of any vehicle.

As for diagnosis descriptions, it helps you either by the model and make or by the specific kinds of automotive repairs. An example is that, they may be focusing only on one area of the car to which the repairs are the same throughout the different models and makes of automobiles. At times, they’re categorized according to certain indications or sounds the vehicle may make that something’s wrong.

The better you will be prepared in doing research for free auto repair manuals online by knowing more things with the type that is available out there. Assuming that you have found a site that appears to provide quality for what you are looking, bookmark it so you can get back to it easily.

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Chasing The Look Of Eternal Youth

With age, the ideal is that people should gain more knowledge and wisdom. The reality is, as the years advance, the body’s ability to replenish dead or dying cells is also diminished, resulting to the aging process. The enjoyment of a healthy life as one grows older does not only involve physical exercises, balanced diet, adequate sleep or avoiding intake of harmful substances (i.e., smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc.). A positive mental outlook, stimulating the mind as well as engaging in spiritually uplifting activities help reduce stress, since stress can considerably hasten aging. Recent laboratory findings show that the brain has a tremendous capacity for plasticity, which when optimized, allows a person to plan for and by-pass impending health conditions. “Crush the spirit and the body follows”, so many say. Life must move on and getting older is a given, but the physical manifestations of the process can be slowed down with anti aging products in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as mentioned earlier.

The market today offers various health and cosmetic products and treatments to improve the appearance and condition of the skin. These are created to revitalize the skin for a more youthful look. Looking great helps one feel great and enhances self-esteem. This certainly assists a person in his later years not just reminisce the good old days alone, but enjoy life to the fullest in the company of others.

Anti-aging products to revitalize the skin come in the form of creams, lotions, toners, masks, moisturizers, cleansers, mud packs, etc. There are preparations that are applied to “peel” off dead or dying skin and revitalize growth of new skin cells. Moisturizers hydrate the skin to increase resilience to wrinkle formation. There are products specially created to soften skin and refine pores for a smoother skin texture, while others control the development of spots and improve skin for an even tone. One can also apply formulations that are designed to enhance the look of softness, fairness and luminosity for radiant skin. Skin elasticity to prevent it from sagging is also achieved with certain creams, masks and serums.

Today, dermatologists can also restore the natural luminosity of a person’s face and smoothen hard-to-treat wrinkles with laser treatments. These are clinically called “fractional non-ablative laser treatments”, which use targeted beams of light that work below the skin’s surface to accelerate collagen and elastin production. A laser treatment currently offered involves a natural collagen renewal process which the person can perform at home without need for going to the dermatologist’s office. This innovation can dramatically create a radiant and smooth complexion without need for make-up.

The holy grail for eternal youth may be a myth, but with the advancements in science and technology, people may yet look ageless as human life expectancy becomes longer.

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5 Uses For Treatments

How Diabetes Be Reversed

If you are a diabetic person and have set yourself towards living with it and to use insulin for the foreseeable future, you will surely be glad to know that diabetes can be reversed according to the recent study. But this means that the effects in reversing your diabetes will cause you to commit some fairly drastic changes in your current lifestyle. This life changing modification that you will need to endure will make some dramatic changes and improvements in your blood sugar level. One of these modifications is your eating habits and your daily activities may it be at rest or during active phase.

Many of diabetic persons are obese and some are overweight and that is because of improper diet and uncontrolled consumption of sweets as well as living an inactive life. Therefore, when you like eating processed foods and do not do exercise to burn your fats or the food you consumed during the day and spent much of your time on your sedentary lifestyle, then no doubt you have the risk factors of diabetes and gaining weight.

The question comes now on how you can reverse the diabetes with this lifestyle? We discussed above that your diet is an important factor so that your weight will be reduced and thus it will control you blood sugar thereafter which necessary in reversing the diabetes. Therefore, by losing an extra weight that you are carrying around daily, it will definitely help you control and decrease your blood sugar level easier. In addition, in order for you to reverse your diabetes easily, you need to shed that weight for good meaning you need to stick to your new diabetes diet forever.

Once you achieve you ideal with or your ideal body mass index or BMI, you will now take less medication or you will not need any more diabetic medications as your maintenance. It is not a thing to be worried when you are attaining your ideal BMI since your diabetic medication will decrease and you dependence to insulin will diminish and you will surely look sexier and your body looks healthy than before.

Reversing a diabetes is now a reality for everyone with diabetes and anyone suffering from it should know that fact. In other words, diabetic patients should know that this disease is not a like any other diseases that you can survive with just using a prescribed medication.

Controlling and defeating diabetes means you need to strictly follow your new dietary regimen so your blood sugar level will decrease.

In conclusion, it is evident to say that diet is an important and powerful weapon that you should utilize in order for the reversing of your diabetes to work properly.

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A Guide to How Immunocal Works

When you are wondering about what immunocal is, it is actually an all-natural and non-prescription health product that is actually available worldwide. This form of special protein in fact holds both the national and international patents and it is recognized medically by the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) and the Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialties (CPS). This also has undergone more than 30 years of clinical research and it has been taken effectively and safely by so many people globally.

But to help you understand more about what immunocal could do, it actually acts in two ways. One would be where it is a high quality protein which gives all amino acids that it needed by your body and it also helps to raise a substance in your body which is called as glutathione. The glutathione plays a lot of roles inside our body that has the four most important which could be summarized to the acronym of AID = E2. A actually stands as Antioxidant, which is considered to be our body’s master antioxidant, I would be for Immune System, where it considered to be essential for immune function, D stands for Detoxification where it is the cell’s key detoxification enzyme and the E2 would be to where the glutathione contributes on the overall energy in different levels.

Another fact about immunocal is that it is a natural source of glutathione precursor cysteine which helps in the maintenance for a strong immune system. It likewise comes with certain fragile proteins which in fact is the one that helps to supply the body with building blocks that are important for the production of glutathione in our body’s cells. Such building blocks are actually called as “precursors” and glutathione precursors are considered to be rare in our regular diets. You also should be aware that eating glutathione itself is not able to help raise glutathione in our cells, which is the reason why we need precursors.

When you are also wondering as to who should avoid immunocal, it would be people that has certain allergy to milk proteins. Another would be people that takes in immunosuppressive medication in the case of organ transplants.

People that also are following a protein-restricted diet should also consider the importance of calculating their daily equation 9 grams of protein per pouch and must never exceed on their daily protein limits. An important thing which you need to bear in mind is that immunocal has a very high biological value as a protein and in fact is going to supply a good amount of amino acids for people who are most often challenged nutritionally.

There are rare cases to where some people would experience rash through such product. When there are any cases of severe or persistent symptoms, the best thing that you should do is to contact your health care practitioner to ensure safety.

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Looking On The Bright Side of Treatments

What Every Beginner Should Know When Creating a Nootropic Stack

If you have been making researches lately, then you probably are already aware of the benefits of nootropics, especially on ADHD patients. The main purpose of this supplement is to provide a cognitive enhancing effect. It can be used individuals who want to improve their memory for exams or for day-to-day living. There are wide range of nootropics available in the market these days and each of them works for the specific purpose to which they are intended to address.

All About Nootropic Stack

A nootropic stack is a set of supplements combined together to produce a good number of beneficial effects on the brain, particularly in learning, motivation, memory and focus. The combination of different supplements is basically targeted towards providing a synergistic effect on the brain which is far greater than what a single supplement can give or create on its own. It is a kind of supplementation technique that is taken advantage of by many people in order to experience greater brain enhancement than what they can get when they use a single supplement.

There are a couple of ways by which you can begin with nootropic stacks. One is through preformulated stacks and the next one is through custom stacks.

What About Preformulated Stacks

The first choice that you do have is to buy the preformulated stack from a manufacturer. As is usually the case, this manufacturer is coming up with their nootropics combination. It is ideal to go with a preformulated nootropics stack because it offers you a guarantee that it is going to work effectively. More than that, you can get extreme convenience out of using it simply because you do not need to go weighing and mixing your nootropic combinations all on your own.

Nevertheless, there also a disadvantage to this option. Seeing that it is preformulated, it is ready made and you lose your ability to make some experiments on the components that make up the stack and their respective dosages. When you talk of the preformulated option, however, it is highly necessary that you are choosing a well-reputed company. This is to ensure your safety and protection upon utilizing the product. Not only that, you can gain the assurance that the product is effective.

Custom Stacks Explained

From the basic point of view, you can be benefited out of using the custom stack because it is offering you the flexibility to go creative. With that said, you are actually given the opportunity to make some revisions on the components of the stack. Also, you make experiment on the dosages. Manufacturers often sell preformulated stacks at more expensive prices because they spend on the marketing and packaging of the product, so when you go with custom stacks, you can save some money in your pocket.

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Programs Tips for The Average Joe

Point of Sale Software: The Basic Features

What you should know about the point of sale software is that it is capable of changing the way you operate your own business. Some of the services that it provides you are namely the following: provide information for comprehensive business analysis, automates sales and help you with the daunting task of managing inventory. It is important and a guarantee for sure that you want to be able to know what are your possible options in buying a software most especially if you have just installed retail software in your business because in this way you will be able to know what your possible advantages are. Not all of the software come with the same features which is the main reason as to why before buying one you will be able to conduct a research first. A software that will not be able to give you the necessary features is for sure something that you would not want to end up with.

There are very useful features that you will be able to find in a point of sale software and these features are found in a list below.

Keep in mind that when you already have a hardware installed already then you have to make sure that your choice of point of sale software is one that is compatible with it. Dealing with any form of trouble or any money problem will not be an issue here if you will just make sure of doing this.

There are various forms of payment methods which mean that there is a need to make sure that your software will be able to support these. This ensures that your customers will be convenient and when they are convenient you can be assured that you will be able to see them return to your business.

Another feature that you have to make sure of with your point of sale software is that it is easy to install and that is can be used easily by your employees. If you will not make sure that it is user friendly then there is a guarantee that your employees will have a hard time using it and therefore your customers will have to wait in line. You have to keep in mind that the retail software is there to make the work easier and not to make it more complicated.

It is important that you will be able to have access to commercial information such as transaction history and database of customers so that you will be able to make informed and fast business decisions.

One of the many reasons as to why you will lose money in your business is a poor inventory management. Thus, it is important that your point of sale software will be able to let you have instant access to your inventory.

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